General Website Terms of Use


These general terms (hereinafter, General Terms), regulate the website's access and use under the domain name (hereinafter, the Website), owned by “VALENCIAPARIS MONTREAL, SL.”(hereinafter, RESTAURANTE LLISANEGRA),made available to users (hereinafter, User or Users).

If you have any questions or queries related to using and accessing the Website or these General Terms, you can write an email with your request and contact data to llisanegra@llisanegra.comYou can also contact us by regular postal mail, sending your request and contact data to “VALENCIA PARIS MONTREAL, SL.”Calle Pascual y Genís, 10,  46002 Valencia (Valencia, España).

2.-Compliance with these General Terms.

Theuse of this Website means that the User fully accepts all the GeneralTerms in force every time the User accesses the Website. Thus, if theUser does not agree with any of the conditions established herein,they must abstain from using this Website.

Consequently,the User must carefully read the General Terms every time they intend to use the Website.

Inany event, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA reserves the right to modify, without prior warning and at any time, these General Terms, as well as their configuration, location and any other general or particularterms, rules for use, instructions or warnings applicable. Moreover, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA reserves the right to suspend, interrupt orcease operating the Website at any time.

"Website user"means all Users who access and browse the Website, regardless of whether or not they fill out registration forms.

3.-Conditions to Access and Use the Website and its Contents.

Accessingthe Website and/or the Contents it includes does not imply any sortof guarantee as to the Website and/or its Contents' adequacy to theUsers' specific or particular purposes. 

RESTAURANTELLISA NEGRA may establish additional limitations and/or terms to useand/or access the Website and/or its Contents, which must be followed by Users under all circumstances.

3.1-Accessing and Using the Website.

Unlessotherwise stipulated, it shall be free to use the Website,notwithstanding the cost of connection through the telecommunications network the User has subscribed to.

The User states that he/she is older than eighteen and is aware and voluntarily and expressly agrees that he/she uses the Website underall circumstances at his/her sole and exclusive liability.

The User under takes to comply with these General Terms, as well as with special warnings or instructions contained on the Website, and toalways follow the law, good practices and requirements of good faith,with profoundest attention paid to the nature and compensation forthe service he/she is enjoying. To this end, the User shall abstainfrom using the Website in any way could impede, harm or damage itsnormal operation, the assets or rights of RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA,its suppliers, distributors, other Users, or in general, any otherthird party.

Specifically,and with no implication that this restricts the obligation undertakenby the User in general terms as per the previous section in any way,in using the Website, the User undertakes to:

a)not input, store or share on or from the Website, any information ormaterial that is defamatory, harmful, obscene, threatening,xenophobic, pornographic, that advocates terrorism, that incites toviolence or discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion orthat in any way goes against decency, public order, FundamentalRights and Public Freedoms, honor, privacy or the image of thirdparties, and in general, regulations in force.

b)not input, store or spread any computer program, data, virus, code orany other electronic or physical instrument or device through theWebsite that could cause harm to the Website, to any of the services,or any of the equipment, systems or networks owned by QUIQUE DACOSTA,by any User, by any of RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA Suppliers orDistributors, or in general, any third party, that could cause anysort of alteration or prevent their proper operation.

c)not input, store or spread any content through the Website thatviolates intellectual or industrial property regulations orthird-party rights, or in general, any content the Law does notentitle the User to provide to third parties.

3.2-Accessing and Using Contents.

The Website's Contents are made available to the User with information from both our own sources and from third-party sources.

RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA attempts to provide Contents of the best quality and thatare reasonably updated, but it cannot guarantee their usefulness,exactness, exhaustiveness, pertinence and/or that the Contents areupdated.

4.-Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

These General Terms do not grant any intellectual or industrial property rights over this Website, nor over any of its comprising elements.The User is expressly forbidden from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communication, making available, extracting, reusing, forwarding or using them in any way, through any means orprocedure, barring cases when doing so is legally permitted orauthorized by the owner of the aforementioned rights.

The User may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the Contents for his/her own personal and private exclusive use on his/her IT systems(software and hardware), as long as the purpose of doing so is not to conduct commercial or professional activities. The user must abstain from obtaining, or attempting to obtain, the Contents by means orprocedures other than those made available to him/her, or made available for this purpose, or those typically used on the Internet(as long as the latter does not entail a risk of damaging the Website or making it unusable). The User must respect the intellectual andindustrial property rights held by RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA or third parties over the Website at all times.

4.-Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability.

4.1.-Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability for Website Operation.

RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA does not guarantee the availability and continuity ofWebsite operation and of the services or Contents offered therein,nor that the existing content on the Website is updated. It is exemptfrom all liability for harm and damages of any nature that may ariseas a result of said circumstances.

Barring circumstances that make doing so impossible or difficult to execute, and as soon as it is made aware of the errors, disconnections and/orfailure to update contents, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA shall conduct alltasks geared toward remedying the errors, reestablishing communication and/or updating the aforementioned contents.

Moreover, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA does not guarantee the technical reliabilityof the Website nor access to its different pages, and is exempt fromall liability from harm and damages of any nature that may arise as aresult of said circumstances.

Additionally,RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA shall not be held liable for possible security errors or deficiencies that may arise as a result of the user using a non-updated or insecure version of a browser, or for the damages, errors or inaccuracies that may arise as a result of the browser's improper operation.

In order to minimize the risk of introducing a virus on the Website,RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA uses virus detection programs to check allContents added to the Website. Notwithstanding, RESTAURANTE LLISANEGRA does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements onthe Website added by third parties other than RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRAthat may alter the users' physical or logical systems, or electronicdocuments and files stored on their systems. Consequently, under no circumstances shall RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA be held liable for anyharm or damages of any sort that may arise due to the presence of viruses or other elements that may alter physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files belonging to Users.

RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA takes different measures to protect the Website, datacollected and Contents against third-party cyber attacks. Notwithstanding, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties do not have access to the way the useraccesses or browses the Website, or to the conditions, characteristics and circumstances under which the user does so. Consequently, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA shall not be held liable underany circumstances for damages and harm that may arise as a result ofsaid unauthorized access.

RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA shall not be held liable under any circumstances for how users and/or third parties may use the Website or Contents, nor forthe damages and harm that may arise as a result of said use.

4.2.-Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability for the Contents.

RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA does not edit third-party Contents published on theWebsite, and consequently, does not guarantee and shall not be heldliable for their legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, veracity and exhaustiveness of said Contents or that they areupdated, or for the contents owned by RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA. RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA shall not be held liable under anycircumstances for any damages and harm that may arise as a result of:(i) the lack of legality, veracity, truthfulness, exhaustiveness ofthird-party or its own Contents, or if they are not updated, (ii)unsuitability for any purpose and disappointment of expectations raised by the Contents, (iii) decision or actions taken or avoided bythe user as a result of trusting in the information or data providedin the Contents, including, but not limited to, loss of profit orbusiness opportunities.


Individualswho intend to establish hyperlinks between their webpage and the Website must follow and comply with the terms below:

i) Prior authorization shall not be required when the Hyperlink onlyprovides access to the Website's homepage, but does not reproduce it in any way. Any other kind of Hyperlink shall require express,explicit written authorization from RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA.

ii) The webpage where the Hyperlink is established may only contain whatis strictly necessary to identify the Hyperlink destination.

iii) The webpage where the Hyperlink is established shall not containillegal information or contents, that are contrary to morals and generally accepted good practices and the public order, nor shall itcontain any content contravening any third-party rights.

iv) RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA reserves the right to block Hyperlinks directing to the Website that have not been previously expressly authorized, even if they comply with stipulations in this point ofthe General Terms.

6.-Actions in the Event of Failure to Comply.

RESTAURANTELLISA NEGRA reserves the right to exercise all legal actionsavailable to enforce liabilities arising as a result of the user'sfailure to comply with any of the stipulations in these General Termsof the Website.

7.-Partial Invalidity.

Declaringany of the clauses in these General Conditions as null, invalid orvoid shall not affect the validity or efficacy of the remaining clauses, which shall remain binding between the parties.

8.-Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

These General Terms are governed by Spanish legislation.

Forany controversy arising as a result of the terms for use and accessto this Website contained in this General Terms for the Website document, the parties submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply to them, unless legally obligated otherwise, to the Courts of Valencia.


For the purposes of pertinent notifications, RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA designates the address specified in the legal notice as its contactaddress.

Theemail address provided by the User during the Website registration process shall be used by RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA to sendnotifications to the User.

TheUser must keep the data for notification purposes referenced in thisclause updated.

All Notifications sent by RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA to the User shall bedeemed validly delivered if the afore mentioned data and channels areused. RESTAURANTE LLISA NEGRA shall not be held liable for any harm that may arise if the User fails to comply with his/her obligation to keep his/her contact data updated.