Llisa negra pays tribute to the product. Quique Dacosta is bearing thestandard for his new culinary concept in Valencia, giving the publicthe chance to explore the product's flavor and purity.

See kingout the essence and authenticity of raw materials means assiduouscare and cooking with the best techniques. Grilling, cooking overembers, direct flame... Seeking out the perfect degree of donenessand playing with nuances, over vine shoots, holm oak wood and coconutcoal, in addition to many other fuels.

Llisa negra is a restaurant that works side-by-side the markets with whichthe other restaurants have collaborated over the years: the DéniaMarket, with a plethora of shrimp, prawns and lobster. There is alsoroom at the table for important markets from the Costa Brava,Andalusia and elsewhere, making the selection richer and more open. 

Llisa negra feeds off the environment, its gaze set on the Community ofValencia and its farms, with bold references to its fields.

Llisa negra also places prominence on great meats of different breeds, suchas Rubia Gallega adult steak, the Joselito Iberian pork shoulder andthe adult beef.

Rice dishes are a statement of identity and show our belief, from marinerorice to Valencian paella.

Quique Dacosta brings his passion for salt to Valencia, offering customersat Llisa negra his salted dishes.

The sweet part of the menu boasts well-known recipes, but with hints andnuances that set them apart: cream flans, cheesecake and chocolatesoufflés made in the moment.

The winery is in perfect harmony with the kitchen, boasting greatdomestic and international names.

Llisa negra's cuisine is simple and direct. As paradoxical as it may seem,offering the palate the product's simplicity is a laborious task.Thanks to this authentic flavor, the customer can tap into theirtaste buds' memories, and also create new ones. There will even bepeople who discover or rediscover the product's true taste, and thatis such a wonderful experience.

This culinary ritual must be accompanied by a setting in line with thisode to the product. As such, Llisa negra was designed as acomfortable, modern place that embraces the customer, in acontemporary, cosmopolitan atmosphere in a city more open than ever.